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Customer CIS

GWR advises customers to check before travelling on Sunday 16 June

GWR is advising customers to check their journey tomorrow morning before leaving home because of a shortage of train crew.

GWR former Head of Security

MBE for inspirational railway security chief

A leading figure in railway security has been awarded an MBE in this year’s King’s Birthday Honours list, recognising her pioneering work to make the UK rail network a safer, more welcoming place for customers and rail staff.

Major events in Cardiff

Trenau Great Western Railway ychwanegol ar gyfer cyngherddau mawreddog dyddiau Mawrthyng Nghaerdydd

Bydd cwmni Great Western Railway yn darparu trenau ychwanegol ar gyfer dilynwyr cerddoriaeth sy’n mynd i gyfres o gyngherddau mawr yn Stadiwm Principality Caerdydd.