Time spent working on trains contributes millions to UK businesses

Survey finds one in five Brits work while travelling on train.
Research from First Great Western has found that time spent working on First Great Western services contributes an estimated £150million each year to businesses across South West England and London. On average, British train travellers spend 33.5 minutes working on board every day, with one in ten spending over 45 minutes at work while on board. 

The most common work related tasks completed on trains are checking emails (36 per cent), sending emails (26 per cent), researching (14 per cent), editing documents (8 per cent) and sending files (7 per cent). Interestingly, 38 per cent of people say they can leave work early thanks to working on the train, highlighting the move towards greater work flexibility.
The survey found other activities completed on board are checking social media (60 per cent), reading the news (56 per cent), online shopping (22 per cent) and banking online (19 per cent). 

The poll was commissioned to mark the launch of free WiFi on board all of First Great Western’s High Speed Train fleet and Night Riviera Sleeper services. 

In 2013, First Great Western pledged to increase WiFi provision as part of its franchise and has since worked with Nomad Digital to rollout the service. Work to install the new services began last year. 

Speaking about the rollout, First Great Western Managing Director Mark Hopwood said:

“After a successful trial, we pledged to provide free WiFi on more of our services. We are now pleased to announce that the rollout on long distance services is complete. Passengers travelling on our High Speed Train fleet and Night Riviera Sleeper Services will be able to connect and enjoy WiFi services as they travel through the south west.

“We already know the physical connectivity of our services plays a valuable role in driving the economies across our region and now the virtual connectivity our free WiFi services brings delivers even more."

WiFi is currently available at a number of FGW stations through the public provider The Cloud.

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